Do What You Know Good lyrics

Freak nasty super bad, earring in her tongue
Smell good, Prada bag, angel perfume cologne
I'm tryin to have me that, lipstick by Mac
Make like a car accident, hit her from the back
My fetti might be salty but my game ain't damp, see I be hood(?)
but the only cheese I ever had, was from the goods
and man that was divided among (?) brothers and sisters
Raised without a dad
Basically we was supposed to be have to make good
but what we hadn't (?) get the gat from one of my (?)
on the tough, Uncle Bruce(?)
Hustle in my veins and lungs, sucker pump
Chickenheads squash through my hood, with good intentions
but always end up sparkin antennas on bus benches
Watchu know, whatchu say, what's the sco'?
Is it a go? Then you with me after the show
You smell? We hit the hotel, and knock boots
Taught me some thangs, like who? Like Dr. Ruth
HEY!! (HEY!!) HOE!! (HOE!!)


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