Somewhere In Love lyrics

(Kerry Kurt Phillips&Chuck Leonard)

I've looked high and I've looked low
Talked to every old friend that she used to know
I couldn't figure out why she couldn't be found
There's only one lime green mustang in this cotton-pickin' town
I've been a fool, there's no doubt
But I think this fool's finally figured it out

She's somewhere in love with some lucky guy
She ain't missing me, I'm out of her life
I never dreamed losing that girl would ever hurt so much
She's somewhere in love, you can bet on that She's got it good, now I've got it bad
I'm here all alone
She's somewhere in love

Close my eyes, but I can't sleep
Two silhouettes are all I see
It's funny how hindsight makes your eyes red
What's breaking my heart are the thoughts in my head
If I could talk to her now I'd get down on my knees
I know where she is but she can't be reached

She's somewhere in love with some lucky guy


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