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John Wesley Harding - To Worth It

John Wesley Harding
Those resourceful Romeos have all revealed
You're the Juliet who couldn't be genteel
All the parents looked askance with much displeasure
As you dared to dance off with their little treasures
And the teachers who preached anguish and abstention
Treated you with distant condescension
Patronised your youthful indignation
With their idiotic indoctrination
Then gave you bad grades just for being clever
And you're qualified to be in debt for ever
And you'll wonder what you did
And you'll think you don't deserve it
When the bad things, bad things
When all the bad things in your life turn to worth it

All the candidates who claim to know your fears
Shit silence like it's verbal diarrhoea
Imply that your suggestions are so tired
Like they aspired to something higher
They gonna sack you when you give them the wrong answers
Or for failing to respond to his advances
And you're faced with a senator's enquiry
Sequestering your private life in diaries
Those wretched Romeos now politicians
Telling all the truth but with omissions
And you'll think that you've been blessed
And you thought that you were cursed


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