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John Wesley Harding - The Truth

John Wesley Harding
I was arrested for disturbing the peace
But, hey, I was disturbing the war
I was waving a small white handkerchief
Singing "please don't fight no more"
And I thought there'd be an army each side
But there were just two guys wearing very bad ties
So I shouted until my throat went hoarse
And they cut out my voicebox of course

I was taken to court in a city of gold
Where silence is a sure sign of guilt
And you can't speak out in your own defense
Or be heard over worlds being built
And the trial was a farce as befitted a place
Where comedy and tragedy share the same face
The judge read the verdict, a curtain was raised
An audience roared out its praise

And I said
"Where's the truth around here today?
Where do fact and fiction separate?
Who's the bug guy that we have to pay
To find the truth around here today?"


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