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Jimmy Dean - Oklahoma Bill

Jimmy Dean
The General just gave me a medal oh I'm a sight for mom to see
But when the news gets round that I ain't got ole Bill
Some kids gonna think a whole lot less of me
You see she gave me that puppy and said he'd protect me through the night
And if I got hurt he'd go for help or he'd back me up in a fight
He growed all the while I was trainin' forget him I never will
Cause you'd never see me with right at my heels was Oklahoma Bill
We hit a long ridge one sunup and it seemed like death held all the cards

Cause we payed and payed with lives of men for every hard fought yard
When finally we drove up to the top there wasn't nothin' but death behind
And as we all dug in we all thanked God though we numbered only nine
And as the snipers switched their guns as darkness closed that hillMy soul companion in the night was Oklahoma Bill
There's no glory in a battle once you've seen its awful cost
But there's glory in the knowledge that your flag is never lost
And yet in the stillness of the nightime and all alone you hold a post
You start cryin' like a baby sittin' there with all the ghosts
You feel your buddies are pattin' your back though their guns're silent and still
It's only a dog tryin' to love you my Oklahoma Bill
I gave my note to the Colonel and I bound a shattered leg
And I said Bill we're sure in trouble he never whimpered or begged
I could tell he hated to leave me I was the only God he ever knew
But quick as a flash he took of through the night like a fightin' marine would do
I kept firin' till help finally came it was him though that saved that h

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