Get At Me Dog (Feat. Sheek of The Lox) lyrics

[DMX, (Sheek)]
(Yea I'm right here dog) Where my dogs at
(We right here dog) Where my dogs at
(I'm right here dog)

What must I go through to show you shit is real
And I ain't really never gave a fuck how niggaz feel
Rob then I steal, not cause I want to cause I have to
And don't make me show you with the Magnum
If you don't know by now then you slippin
I'm on some bullshit thats got me jackin, niggaz flippin
I got my man and them stay pretty like I'ma stay shitty
Crimey it's all for the money is you wit me
Hit the bitches, went out I could make the crime
And when it's on we transform like Optimus Prime
I'll form the head, roll out let's make it happen
If we ain't gonna get it wit them we'll take the cap down
Bust it off, gust it off on the softest niggaz
Money with the biggest mouth, yo let's rob this nigga
A novice nigga never made a sound
Breath too fuckin hard like you gettin bust down

[Hook : Sheek (DMX)]
Yo, yo ya wanna be killers (get at me dog)
Ya wanna feel us (get at me dog)
Ya want the real (Get at me dog)

Rrrrrr arf arf what the deal


Rrrrrr arf arf what the deal
Nowadays, Don't get to good for certain niggaz, I'm hurtin niggaz
What you doin robbin niggaz, jerkin niggaz, stickin niggaz
Cause they deserve it; with money got murdered
They know we died slow if they heard it
The nigga there blew up the spot a while
and the mother fucker ain't got shot in a while
And the stacks will light up, will fuck the night up blow everything in sight up
fuck around and I'll have your ass right up
What makes you think, you wasn't able to stand
I got shit that'll disable a man with the wave of a hand
The days are longer and seems like I'm wastin time
I've got a lot of dreams but I'm not really chasin mine
I suck it all up like a sicka fly
Cause nowadays gettin' by, catchin ???, an occasional meal and
gettin high, I live to die, That's where I'm headed
let your man hold somthin, now it's all about you can get it


Rrrrrr arf arf what the deal
Well in the back wit ya faggot ass face down
Lucky that you breathin but you dead from the waste down
The fuck is on your mind? Talkin that shit that you be talkin
And I bet you wish you never got hit cause you be walkin
But shit happens and fuck it, you would of did ya dirt
niggaz is wonderin how the fuck you hid your skirt
Right under they eyes like a surprise to the guys
just one of their mans was a bitch in disguise
fuckin with cats in order heads and slaughter more kids
Let me hollar at you all that wanna borrow the raw shit (ah-oh!)
Knahmean? I'm just robbin to eat
And there's at least a thousand of us like me mobbin the street
When we starve and we eat whatever's there
Come on you know the code in the street, whatever's fair
Blood stains and chalk, cause yo man couldn't walk
After the talk, heard him out at 1133 of New York
Transformin us niggaz so get it quick
You know for real that nigga can't fuckin suck my dick
And it's gon' take all these niggaz in the rap game
to barely move me, cause when I blow shit up
I have niggaz fallin' like white bitches in a scary movie
Ah, you know I don't know how to act
Get too close to niggaz, it's like:
"Protected by viper, stand back"
What's that, a bunch of niggaz you was killas demented
fuck y'all what me with this coward finish him descend it


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