Hide Out lyrics

Can't take me away...
Can't take away!

Getaway is the fucking road you choose
To guide you through your fucking stupid life
Set your eyes to your own life
You cannot hide away from me
You scaring fears are hunting you
The place you're looking for ain't exist

Can't take me away
You want to take me but you'll never be away from me
My inner wishes will never set you free
'Cause I'm a part of you
Wherever you go I'll always be with you
You're trying to hide yourself but you can't really escape
You'd better face your fate and see
That I was raised inside your mind
I'm a kind of your creation
Then I'll start my domination

You're just trying to hide away
You cannot be away from me
I'll be here inside your head
I'll be here until you're gone

Take me away, take me now
Can't take away, Can't take me away


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