A Pocket Size Of Armageddon lyrics

Never ending sequence of agony
A split second nightmare rapture
A constellation of perverted dreams
Transformed into momentary salvation

I transgress the context of omnipresence
Wallowing in abstract sickness and pain
Deconstruction of existence
A crown of nothing, a crown of all

A crown of nothing...
A crown of all...

A pocket size of Armageddon
A gangbang of mind
A pocket size of armageddon
Deflagration of the I

Abuse abuse abuse Fucking your body and mind
Internal chaos blast
Wretched symphony of disgust

Live to hate
Hate and kill
Kill to enslave
Enslave to set yourself free

The wicked grotesque soul asylum
With walls covered with blood of the sane
Let this fucking morbid lust drive me
As I'm licking the greasy floor of hell

Shelter from what's most unreal
I'm getting near
Don't ask me if I am a beast or a slave
I'm free, 'cause I no longer care


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