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Ingested - 22

A prophecy of the one to release me
I stand alone
I stand alone

Savage violence
See nothing of your predator
Born in darkness
You'll know my name

I'll feed upon your flesh
and savour your last breath
as I succumb unto these

Ancient, primeval instincts controlling me,
malform my flesh
I surrender, this creature is free

I don't want to be the beast I am

Suffer, they'll know the one who resides deep inside me
Killer, feed on their flesh, feed on their fucking flesh

Reborn, primeval instincts deep inside
reformed and damned, reformed and fucking damned

You know my name

Changing, before my very eyes, devolve desensitise

Denounce my life
Denounce my life

Now your end will come, ingurgitate
I'll feed and masticate
the prey I'm stalking, creeping behind them,
they'll never see, what has become of me.
I know what I am, no one can take me down,
this is my world, I am the end for you


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