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AgathodaImon - Back Into The Shadows

In the night of my final sacrifice I sent my soul

Into the vast and fathomless unknown to find a word

A word, that indicates the beyond.

It came back later and spoke:

"I am myself heaven and hell!"

Sculptured in time as another chapter of life

Sharp are the thorns of the roses, which lay dank upon me

For too long I knew that I had to arrive

Yet destination isnt as linear as humanity

Touch the feeling - touch the soul

Touch the morning dew and see the glamour

In my stark eyes reflecting

The icon of a setting in a serene summer

So many flowers give away to mystery and loneliness

Their subtle perfume and their indifference

So much jewelrys forgotten in the soil, in darkness

But who dares to tread the silent meadows
That lie beyond the mirror of ones self?

Who dares to reach the phantoms of ones heart?

To behold the murderer of life and art?

And what is death?

What gives birth?

What sells good or has no worth,

When everything you feel is cold?

Why am I? Whos this hand?

Whose decisions I cant comprehend...

But isnt history foretold?

Theres a tide... in the affairs of men

Which, taken of its flood, leads on to fortune

But all the voyage of their life

Is bound in shallows and miseries...

But if you desire to see the light...

As it truly is, clear and bright

You must move - back into the shadows

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