Pony Ride lyrics

Ah hah ha hah-hah (4X)

*sung* Just stop takin me for a ride..
(c'mon, c'mon, c'mon)
*sung* All I wanna do is take my time..
(take your time baby, take your time baby, c'mon)
*sung* Just stop takin me for a ride..
(Ah hah ha hah-hah, hah ha hah-hah)
*sung* All I wanna do is take my time..

I'ma stand up for art express, do mic test rehearsals
Eight years of man livin, ain't no edits or commercials
Flick the God like mummy, but my own want a debit
Tossin facts and how they axis don't, spin on a limit
Ain't no need to dwell, to health I'm fakin your jax
Ride niggaz get to sittin to rear, so play the Parks of Rosa
Suppose I have my whole life on it
Funny how those you love love the evil they do
I brew the medicine to heal, a bit of verbals we had
But yo' ideas of heal, is left the surface of it scabbed
Navigations nearly took me on some cruise type expense
Dispensin me some shitty canal, I took the juice
because I'm used to one-ways, detours and destinations
of ways in life, I pretends the knife
stuck in my spine'll be a symbol, how Jack can B. Nimble
But it's time to make that foggy vision crystal
We gots to get the crystal right?

*sung* Just stop takin me for a ride..
*sung* All I wanna do is take my time..
*sung* Just stop takin me for a ride..
*sung* All I wanna do is take my time..

[Truth Enola]
Take my time..
Well I don't wanna go that far
To sell my soul, I ain't gonna go that far
I'm takin minds and hearts beyond the shinin star
Raw dick, honey I don't wanna go that far
So listen why you riskin your mentality against mine?
Sick of leadin love
Sick of leadin love, leavin love loudfaced in the vehicle of mine
Them wanna do it warp speed of nine ninety-nine, watch em
Profile the true fall out for so-called friends
Like mercury and water, we just don't blend
I end the game technically, you wanna stop me
True gems show affection like Jody Watley, so..

*sung* Just stop takin me for a ride..
*sung* All I wanna do is take my time..
*sung* Just stop takin me for a ride..
*sung* All I wanna do is take my..

Take my.. take my time..
Take my..
Take my.. take my time..
Take my.. (but I don't wanna go that far!)

I recall kissin on my lady, talkin bout makin babies
Now we made the baby, but cannot connect as legal spouses
Now me and my daughter reside in different houses
What louses up the structure, is leavin things up to
the child lesser, than a child runnin wild from mild pressure
Mega.. (mega..) nega.. (nega..) tive
to live a master plan when that plan has no master
You stare at false tongues, leadin the yung'un to disaster
Postures of this world is seen as mad crooked
Want your manhood, but man, your dad took it
We used to swallow 40's and a whole lot of pride
Nice MC's be frontin on some whole other vibe
Just because them albums are sealed, doesn't mean
them lyrics are untampered with, let's kill the myth
that as MC's we know it all, we all children still
No tricks for ninety-six, it's due time we build man..

*sung* Just stop takin me for a ride..
Yes, stop gassin me, stop gassin me
*sung* All I wanna do is take my time..
All we want to deal, is reality
*sung* Just stop takin me for a ride..
Stop gassin me, stop gassin me
*sung* Cause all I wanna do is take my time..
Take my time, take my time, c'mon!


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