Shakin' Street lyrics

Little Orphan Annie and Sweet Sue too & They've been coming around & Gives 'em somethin' to do & Their mamas all warned 'em not to come to town & It got into their blood & Now they gonna get down & Shakin' street it's got that beat & shakin' street where all the kids meet & Shakin' street it's got that sound & Shakin' street say you gotta get down & Streetlight Sammy decided to make the trip & All the way from New Jersey & On his girlfriend's tip & He pulled into town and met Skinny Leg Pete & Said come here, boy I heard about the streets & I heard about the place where all the kids go & Now, I'm about to flip & I just gotta know about & Well the kids on shakin' street never give in & 'Cause all of their lives they've been livin' in sin & You know that they're bad & You know that they're mad & They take for the takin' & They shake for the shakin' & Shakin' Shakin' Shakin' & The folks keep complaining they find it so shockin' & All the kids wanna do is just keep on rockin' & They ain't got no time to think about stoppin' & They gotta get down and do a little stompin' & Now Sally Baker wants to shake her shaker & And Bobby C. says he's gonna take her to & Shakin' street . . .


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